Perfect gifts for everyone on your list.


Ready to hit your holiday shopping? Looking for Christmas gift ideas? We’re here to help. We’ve simplified matters by suggesting holiday gift ideas of premium Avana® bottles and tumblers for everyone on your list. So check out the Ultimate Avana Holiday Gift Guide below, then head to and get shopping. Free shipping on orders over $50 makes our one-stop holiday gift guide shop a solution even Santa can get behind.


For the Super Sipper

You know that friend—the one who’s always thirsty. Keep them quenched with the Avana Beckridge bottle’s whopping 32-oz. capacity and versatile sip-or-swig integrated straw.


For the Espresso Addict

The lovable little 10-oz. Avana Sedona tumbler is a perfect stocking stuffer for your coffee-craving friend. Get creative and nest a few Nespresso capsules or biscotti cookies inside.


For the Island Dreamer

With colors and patterns like Pacific, Deep Ocean, and Reflection, an Avana Ashbury bottle will help deliver beachy vacation vibes to a friend stuck on shore. Wrap it up in a Turkish towel with a must-read novel to complete the gift.


For the Yogi

Relax and rehydrate, post-OM. Your yoga-practicing pals will savor the experience of sipping from the Avana Makai bottle’s pure glass spout.


For the Professional

Know somebody who’s still going into work? The Avana Sedona tumbler makes the traditional nine-to-five more enjoyable. And for your professional friends working from home, Sedona gives their Zoom background a sophisticated look.


For the Intrepid Traveler

A sleek Avana Beckridge bottle makes an ideal travel companion for your adventuresome friend. Package it with other travel essentials—like a jumbo tote, an eye mask, a universal outlet adaptor, and antibacterial wipes—for the perfect bon voyage gift.


For Your BFFs

From your book club besties to your weekend running group, we have a different color or pattern Avana Ashbury bottle for every lucky friend in your inner circle.


For the Tea-Totaller

The tea-lover on your list will be blown away by this gift set idea. Give them an Avana Beckridge bottle for an on-the-go thermos, an Avana Sedona tumbler for sipping at home, and a stash of their favorite premium teas.


For the Outdoorsman/Outdoorswoman

Whether they’re hiking, fishing, or adventuring in the jungle, the Avana Ashbury bottle in our all-new Canopy pattern will help your outdoorsy friend blend right in.


For the Happy Host

Your host-with-the-most friend will adore having a set of Avana Sedona tumblers for serving cocoa by the campfire or cocktails by the pool. Select a mix of different colors so it’s easy for guests to identify which drink belongs to whom.


For the Newlyweds

Gift them a set of his and hers bottles—an Avana Ashbury and an Avana Beckridge in matching colors. Hopefully they won’t have their first argument over who gets to use which one!


What are some other fun holiday gift ideas incorporating Avana bottles and tumblers? Share your inspired ideas in the comments below.

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