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Emukangu Community, Okhaso Spring

Emukangu Community, Okhaso Spring


0°16'33.6"N 34°39'43.3"E

0°16'33.6"N 34°39'43.3"E

Protected Spring

In many communities, natural springs exist as water flows from cracks in rocky ground or the side of a hill. Springs provide reliable water but that doesn’t mean safe. When left open they become contaminated by surface contamination, animal and human waste and rain runoff. The solution is to protect the source. First, you excavate around the exact source area of the spring. Then, you build a protective reservoir for water flow, which leads to a concrete spring box and collection area. Safe water typically flows year-round and there is very limited ongoing maintenance needed.

Protected Spring
Facts & Stats

Facts & Stats


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“Money is scarce and more often than not, I spend it to buy drugs to treat my children in case of diarrhea.” – Mr. Christopher Taifa, community member

Project Details

The Community

The 217 people living here rely on Okhaso Spring for their water. The water source has green bacteria floating on the surface. The community members fixed a pipe to more easily fill their containers, but this is very dirty on the inside and is in bad condition. Water flows from the pipe too slowly because it wasn’t placed properly.

A normal day starts as early as 6am. The woman of the household starts her day by going to the spring to fetch water for daily activities like drinking, cooking and cleaning. She then prepares breakfast for the family and ensures the children have gone to school. The father then goes to the farm. When the mother is through with house chores, she joins the father on the farm. They all break for lunch and return to the farm to finish the day’s activities. During harvesting season, they take their products to the nearby market center for selling.

The Solution

Community members will attend hygiene and sanitation training for at least two days. This training will ensure participants have the knowledge they need about healthy practices and their importance.

Sanitation Platforms
Less than 30% of families have their own private place to use the bathroom. These people either share a latrine with their neighbor or look for a place somewhere outside. On the final day of training, participants will select five families that should benefit from new latrine floors.

Spring Protection
Protecting the spring will help keep the water is safe, adequate and secure. Construction will keep surface runoff and other contaminants out of the water.

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