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Drilled Well for Indian Community

Drilled Well for Indian Community


Water Well Project

Five drilled wells will help restore health, livelihood, and hope to an entire community in India.

Facts & Stats

Facts & Stats





Fall 2019


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“663 million people in the world live without clean water.”

Project Details

The Need

While India's economy continues to grow rapidly, hundreds of millions of people across the country still live in poverty, malnutrition, unhygienic living conditions, and without access to clean drinking water.

About a third of the world's poor live in India. Safe drinking water and improved sanitation can give these families a chance for healthier, happier lives.

Charity: water’s partner in India, Water For People, not only believes in bringing safe water and sanitation to millions of people, but also aims to create a longterm, sustainable change. Water For People works with community members, businesses, and governments to find the best solutions that will impact people across India for generations.

The Solution

Skilled laborers use handpowered drills to manually drill and reach aquifers below ground. Drilled wells have a lot of moving parts, but the main components include a pumprod that gathers water into the wells, a rising pipe and rising main where water travels upwards via the pressure of the pump, and an India Mark II handpump, which is the driving force that brings the water to ground level then to the spout for communities to access.

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