Are you daydreaming of spending the summer months in a foreign land? Longing for your next long-haul flight? Itching to explore new cultures and cuisines? Although your dreams of adventure and discovery are likely on hold right now due to global health concerns, there’s no reason to quash your wanderlust. In fact, while you’re homebound due to travel restrictions, or anytime you’re on a hiatus from travel for any reason, you can still satisfy your jet-setter longings in other ways. We have several fun ideas to help get your globetrotter on, right from the comfort of home. Our tips may even give you a leg up, next time you do take off.


Buckle your seatbelt and let’s go!


Talk the Talk

Ever wish you had a better handle on the local language in your favorite travel destination? Want to brush up on a language you haven’t practiced since high school and are too embarrassed to use? Now’s the time to take control and master a new tongue. Language schools like ABC Languages offer online class options to help you learn to communicate better, wherever you roam.

Taste the World

Many people travel in pursuit of authentic local cuisine. While you can’t sit down to tapas in Spain or snack on Thai street food right now, you can experiment with cooking cultural delicacies in the comfort of your own home. Take an online cooking class from a learning site like Udemy. Or order a cookbook like The Turkish Cookbook from renowned chef Musa Dagdeviren, whose home-style restaurant in Istanbul, Ciya Sofrasi, is ranked among the top 50 in the world.

Netflix & Chill

From reality shows to documentaries, you’ll find plenty of entertainment on Netflix and other streaming sites to help fuel your travel longing, for now. Plus, you’ll probably discover new places you want to explore once you’re back on the road. If you’re a foodie, give Chef’s Table and Street Food a try. If you’re curious about global architecture and design (as well as lifestyles of well-to-do people around the world), check out The World’s Most Extraordinary Homes. And if natural splendor is what fuels your wanderlust, you can’t go wrong with Our Planet.

Go Creative

Sure, you can’t actually go anywhere right now. But you can go on a memory journey in your own mind. Yes, it’s time to finally edit and organize the hundreds—if not thousands—of photos you snapped on your last adventure. It’s a great way to revive the moments that impacted you most and to remember the little details you may have forgotten. If you’re extra inspired, try creating short slideshows or videos to share with your family or on social media—because you’re not alone in needing a creative escape from the confines of home.


Be the Expert

Are you the one in your friend group that everyone turns to for travel advice? If you’re well-traveled, you hold a wealth of information that others long to learn. It’s time to write those blog posts on travel tips to your favorite destinations that you’ve been putting on the back burner—because until now, you’ve been too busy traveling the world.

Phone a Faraway Friend

If you’ve traveled frequently, chances are you’ve amassed a circle of friends all around the world. Although you can’t visit them in person right now, you can still keep in close contact and maintain those connections. WhatsApp is an excellent resource for messaging and calling people anywhere, anytime—and it’s absolutely free.

Plot and Plan

Now is the time to research your next trip. Watch travel shows, read travel sites and blogs, and talk to friends familiar with the places you want to visit. Soon enough, you’ll be able to travel the globe again and the communities you long to explore will be eager to welcome you. They’re also sure to be in need of your tourism dollars.


It’s tough to be grounded at home when you would much rather be headed off on a new adventure. But even though your jet-setting style is currently stalled, you can still use any of these methods to make the most of your down time. Chances are, you’ll learn even more about the place you plan to visit next or add new destinations to your bucket list. You may broaden your language and culinary skills, and increase your insight into other cultures. Ultimately, the time spent now will make you a better traveler when you are able to venture out again. So go ahead and explore the world—while stuck at home!

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