March 14th is creeping up on us, which means…daylight savings is here! And while 2021 already might feel like it’s happening a bit too fast, springing ahead on the clock can actually be the perfect time to introduce a new morning routine into your life. Whether it’s focusing on your body, taking care of your mind, or a bit of both, there are so many options for making every morning more. 

Let’s be honest, mornings aren’t easy. At least, they typically aren’t. Maybe you’re rushing through the shower, throwing anything on that’s clean, and hoping for a good hair day, but so much of those mornings can feel like just going through the motions.  With a little bit of structure, your mornings can be truly impactful, maybe even become the best part of your day. Sound out of reach? Let’s talk about some super specific things you can do to have an intentional morning and be prepared for, not dreading, each new day.

Waking Up Early

Before we even talk about what an intentional morning looks like, you have to make your sleep schedule intentional. Waking up early and being well-rested is a crucial part of any successful morning routine. As you get ready for bed, make sure that all screens and technology are put away well before you sleep. Let your mind slowly relax and detox from your day. This will ensure that your mornings are something you value and look forward to. Remember, don’t make early-morning-you, hate last-night-you.

Stretching Routine

One amazing thing you can do for your body when you first wake up is to stretch. Having a morning stretching routine will help get your blood flowing, energize your muscles, and pull you out of that early morning daze. Once you’re up and out of bed, start with your neck and face, slowly and deliberately moving your way down your shoulders, arms and hands. Then focus on your hips, legs, and finish up with your ankles and feet. After a few creaky and crackly mornings, you’ll start to notice your body feeling more limber and energized. Always be sure to hydrate afterward to keep things flowing and refreshed. Our Ashbury bottle makes the perfect little bedside companion.

Gratitude Moment

Having a gratitude moment or writing in a gratitude journal when you wake up is a stellar way to focus your mind fast. Whether you send a text to someone you admire or just quickly take note of a few unique things that make life awesome, you’ll notice a subtle but immediate change in what you focus on throughout the day. This easy perspective shift can make you happier and more observant as to what makes you smile.

Skincare Ritual

What better thing to focus on right when you open your eyes for the day, then taking care of your face. A morning skincare routine will check that self-care box and send your confidence soaring. When picking out products, don’t skimp or settle. Invest in yourself with quality items that get you excited and ready to start the day. Make sure you take your time with each step of your skincare ritual, focusing on your skin, addressing any problem areas, and tending to all of its unique needs. It’s also important to remember that drinking water over something sugary or filled with chemicals is one of the easiest ways to keep your skin healthy and clear.


Having a foggy brain when you wake up can make a rough morning stretch on for way longer than it should. Centering your mind and creating a morning meditation routine can make a world of difference. When you get up, take time to get your head in the right place, before opening your mind up. Once you do, let your thoughts intentionally flow and consider the day ahead, your goals, and what you’re most looking forward to. It’s important to stay open and optimistic while you contemplate. Taking even 5 minutes to meditate each morning will keep your outlook clear and your mind totally zen.

Practicing any or all of these morning routines with the change of daylight savings can drastically take your mornings from meh to memorable. You can start small or simple by trying out a routine once or twice a week, just to find which approach works best for you. With time, you can make it more regular and create something you look forward to that genuinely impacts your life. Either way, you’re worth it!

Any other great routines or tips that have made your mornings intentional? Share in the comments!

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