Sure, you can shell out your hard-earned dollars on a pricey coffee-house brew every day. Or, you can relax at home and make the perfect cup of coffee in the comfort of your own kitchen. We’re all for cool cafes and meeting up with pals over an intense espresso or a larger-than-life latte. But sometimes—especially first thing in the morning when you’re not quite ready to step out the door—you want to make quality coffee at home.


Well, caffeine-loving friends, fear not. It’s easier than you might think to make a brag-worthy brew. Read on and learn how to make the perfect cup of coffee using one of our four favorite methods.

Brewing Coffee in a French Press

French Press

Many people argue that using a French press is the best way to brew coffee. First, place a generous helping of coarsely ground coffee in the bottom of the French press carafe. Then  pour enough boiling water over the top of the grounds to fill the carafe. Stir the coffee-and-water slurry, and then set the lid with plunger in place on top. Wait four minutes. Finally, press the plunger down slowly, separating the brewed coffee from the grounds below (which will remain trapped in the bottom of the carafe). Decant the coffee into your Sedona tumbler, pouring any extra into an insulated bottle to keep it hot and fresh.


Pros: The powerful flavor achieved by the French press is perfection to true coffee aficionados. Plus, this method eliminates any paper filter waste.

Cons: The wait. Four minutes can seem like an eternity when you’re dying for that first perfect sip. Additionally, a bit of grit is bound to escape the plunger and wind up in your cup.

Brewing Pour Over Coffee

Pour Over

The pour over method is simple—meditative, even. You’ll need a filter cone (ceramic or plastic) lined with a paper filter and filled with coffee grounds. Pour just enough water over the grounds to get them wet. This causes the coffee grounds to “bloom,” or expand, as they hydrate, which helps achieve a robust flavor. Wait for the water to drip through, and then slowly pour more in a spiral motion. Again, use just enough water to cover the grounds—don’t fill the cone to the top. Wait for the water to drip, then repeat. Do this several times, until your mug or bottle is full. You can drip pour-over coffee directly into a tumbler or mug to make a single serving, or use a Beckridge bottle as a brewing vessel if you plan to save some coffee for later or serve more than one.


Pros: Brewing pour-over coffee is a Zen way to start the day. The result is a smooth, full-bodied flavor, minus any grounds or grit.

Cons: Pour-over coffee isn’t typically as strong and intense as coffee brewed in a French press.

Brewing Coffee with AeroPress


The Aeropress device relies on pressure, using a plunger to force hot water through the coffee grounds and through a small replaceable filter directly into your Sedona tumbler—sort of like a miniature inverted French press. To use, simply assemble the device with a filter in place, add coffee and water and stir. Wait about one minute before slowly pushing the plunger down.


Pros: Lightweight, compact, and easy to clean, the Aeropress is a coffee lover’s essential travel companion. It provides the strength and flavor of French press coffee, without any sludge.

Cons: The small size of the Aeropress only allows you to brew a single cup at a time.


Cowboy Coffee

This coffee-making technique is as easy and back-to-basics as it gets—because true cowboys and cowgirls can’t be bothered with fancy brews. To make a cup of cowboy coffee, just add coffee grounds and boiling water directly to your tumbler or bottle and stir.


Pros: A no-hassle method that works great while camping—or any morning when you want to rough it like you’re living on the range.

Cons: Coffee you can chew—whether you want to or not.


Whichever method you choose as the best way to brew coffee, we recommend using an insulated Avana® tumbler or bottle to keep your drink steaming hot. Fill a portable, leak-proof Beckridge bottle with home-brewed coffee and you’ll be ready to hit the road—whether it leads to the office or to the rodeo!


How do you make the perfect cup of coffee? Share your top tips below.

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