Friends, it’s time to talk about love—the people you love and the experiences, activities, and products they love. Valentine’s day is right around the corner, so make a statement that says I love you in a big, bold way. Whether you’re looking for Valentine’s gift ideas for your special someone or for your BFF, let them know you get who they are.


Here are eight creatively curated ideas for Valentine’s gifts, Galentine’s gifts, or really any reason to treat your loved ones, any time of year. And guess what? Not a single one includes traditional flowers, chocolate, or bling.


For the Discerning Fashionista

For the gal with great taste, give a collection of unique items with a coordinating aesthetic vibe. How about a set of safari coasters and a canopy-patterned Ashbury bottle?


For Your Zen Friend

Need the perfect Galentine’s Day gift idea for the yogini on your list? Pick an om-worthy yoga mat, pair it with a calming lavender-scented candle, and add a clear glass Makai water bottle with its soothing all-glass spout.


For Your Main Man

Guys can be tough to buy for, but this Valentine’s gift idea for your man is guaranteed to make his heart skip a beat. Package up a quality beard care kit, and an innovative, insulated Beckridge bottle to accent his signature style.


For the Downtime Diva

Here’s a Valentine’s Day gift idea for your wife or girlfriend who loves kicking back at home. Nothing says “snuggle up” better than a luxe loungewear set and a Sedona tumbler filled with gourmet herbal tea.


For the Beach Babe

Surf, sand, and sun—that’s all she dreams about. Here’s a Galentine’s gift idea guaranteed to make a splash with your beach-loving bestie: a set-the-tone beach tote, a pair of fun, funky flip-flops, and a 32-oz. insulated Beckridge bottle to help keep her cool.


For the Intrepid Entrepreneur

If his conversation centers on “startups,” “angel investors,” and “co-working space,” here’s a gift idea for your boyfriend or husband that will be spot on. Give him a laptop messenger bag, a reusable Sedona tumbler, and a gift card to his favorite coffee shop.


For a DIY Spa Day

Has your sweetie been feeling stressed? Gift her a self-care package with a lightweight block-print robe, bespoke bath salts scented with her favorite essential oils, and a pristine glass Makai bottle for a DIY spa experience that she can conjure up any day or night.


For a Getaway Weekend

You love to travel—you met abroad and it’s that adventurous spark that keeps you bonded as a couple or as besties. Treat your special someone to an Airbnb voucher, a road atlas of areas you both want to explore, and a big Beckridge bottle to stay hydrated on your journey. And yes, you get to tag along!


Share your best Valentine’s gift ideas for wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends, and best friends. We’d love to hear about them in the comments below!

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