Say goodbye to the mountain of discarded one-time-use wrapping paper this holiday season. It’s easy to get creative with gorgeous zero-waste wrapping solutions that enhance your gifts, and make Mother Nature happy, too. Here are a handful of ways to create sustainable gifts that anyone on your holiday list is sure to love.


Wrap it in fabric. Not only does fabric wrap add to holiday sustainability, it also makes wrapping oddly-shaped gifts easier.

  • Wrap a cookbook or a collection of kitchen tools inside a tea towel.
  • Roll up an Avana Ashbury bottle in an artsy tote bag or scarf, tied with reusable ribbon.
  • Give a set of pajamas, cozy slippers, or a fluffy robe. Wrap them up in a pretty new pillowcase, and tuck the matching pillowcase inside.
  • Stash a sporting goods store gift card for running shoes inside a new pair of running socks, tied at the top with a colorful shoelace.
  • Wrap a spa-products gift set inside a Turkish towel.


Wrap it in metal or glass. Look around your house or the home improvement store—or of course—and you’ll find endless ideas for zero-waste wrapping.

  • Pack a new paint can with homemade cookies.
  • Fill a beautiful planter with garden seeds and a set of custom copper garden markers.
  • Stuff a mason jar full of colorful art supplies (crayons, pastels, or colored pencils), homemade candied nuts, or cookie cutters and your favorite cookie recipe.
  • Tuck treats like coffee shop gift cards, organic chocolates, or tea bags and a honey dipper inside a ribbon-wrapped Avana Sedona tumbler.


Wrap it in paper. Sustainable gifts are simple when you wrap with reusable paper.

  • Pretty up brown paper shopping bags with markers, ink stamps, or good old glitter and glue—then tuck your gifts inside.
  • A gift wrapped in newspaper with a colorful reusable ribbon or twine makes a sustainable style statement.
  • Cut pages from glossy magazines to wrap smaller gifts in beautiful bursts of color.
  • There’s nothing quite as endearing as a gift wrapped in your child’s original artwork.


Add a finishing touch. Aside from reusable ribbon, there are endless ways to enhance your sustainable gifts. Try adding one of these embellishments to take zero-waste wrapping to the next level of clever and cool.

  • A few fresh cut flowers
  • A sprig of rosemary or lavender
  • Pretty dried leaves or twigs
  • An assortment of beautiful buttons
  • A fun keychain
  • Fabric tassels or pom-poms
  • Seashells
  • Dried pasta
  • Lollipops
  • Cookie cutters
  • Vintage keys


With all these ideas, you’re sure to have a stunning and sustainable holiday. We want to see photos of the gifts you create. Post your zero-waste wrapping on Instagram and tag us @avana.


Happy Holidays!


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