Beach Guide Giveaway: The Basics


Summer is in full swing and heading to the beach well-prepared is always in style. There are countless hacks for making beach trips more fun and efficient (have you heard of the fitted sheet hack?) but it’s important to start with the basics.


This month we’re giving away just that—the must-have essentials for your next trip to the coast or to that gem of a hidden mountain lake. 


Let’s start with a towel. Not all towels are created equal. Some are too small, barely long enough to stretch out on; others attract piles of sand and carry every little grain straight back to your car. The Sand Cloud Adobe Mudcloth towel solves your size and sand struggles. It’s extra large, quick drying, and leaves the sand where it belongs—on the beach. You and your pals can enjoy tanning together on this blanket-sized towel, yet when it’s time to pack up, you’ll find it fits easily into any beach bag. 


This summer is hot, hot, hot—so it’s more important than ever to keep things cool. Ditch the clunky plastic cooler rattling around in the back of your car and enter to win this premium cooler by Business & Pleasure instead. This lightweight, compact soft cooler fits everything you’ll need for a long day in the sun. And if you’re looking for picnic ideas, may we recommend a refreshing charcuterie board spread


The next item we’re giving away takes relaxation to the next level. If you want to stick your toes in the sand and have the support of a chair, enter to win this reclining beach chair in sunshine yellow from Sunny Life. The yellow color is currently sold out, making our giveaway even more exclusive! With your comfortable, water-resistant new chair, you’ll be ready to sit back, relax, and enjoy the view from wherever you are. 


Last but not least, our winner will enjoy a big batch of insulated Avana® bottles and a pack of our new stainless-steel reusable straws. Whether you keep the bottles for yourself or decide to share, the Ashbury in Meyer Lemon, the Beckridge in Sandstone, and the Makai in Deep Sea Green are ideal companions to keep drinks icy cold, on and off the beach. 


So, how do you enter? Hop over to our Instagram post HERE and follow the steps listed in the caption. When you follow us on IG you’ll be among the first to know about product launches, promotions, and future giveaways. See you on the gram and at the beach!




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