A Guide to Horoscopes with Avana
Sync your bottle with your star sign


What’s your sign?


It’s probably the cheesiest pickup line of all time—but there’s something to be said for astrology and how our star sign can cut right to the core of our character.


And did you know that each sign in the Zodiac has a power color, with its own set of attributes, meanings, and moods? It’s a color that suits you, and one you’re most likely drawn to, whether you wear it, write with it, ride around in it, or keep it by your side.


So why not match your water bottle—that feel-good hydrating friend that’s with you all the time—to your Zodiac sign?


Rather than send you down a search-engine rabbit hole, we’ve done the work for you. Here’s how to sync your Avana® bottle with your star sign for a perfect fit and (pardon the pun) a fluid experience.

Aries: RED

You’re a fire sign and it shows in your passion for life. What better color to associate with your inspired energy than red? Our Ashbury bottle in Pomegranate is a perfect match for your energy, excitement, and strength.

Taurus: PINK

Your strength lies in your stability, Taurus. A steadying and revered presence to those around you, your colors tend toward pastel hues and especially pink—a nod to your subtle yet indisputable power. What more beautiful way to express this than with Mother of Pearl?

Gemini: YELLOW

Lively, dynamic, and ever-changing, Gemini needs a bright color to match your moods. The Ashbury bottle in Meyer Lemon strikes just the right tone for your sunshine-y cheer—and will help pick you up when your temperament shifts.

Beckridge in Gunmetal

Cancer: SILVER

Our Gunmetal bottle is reminiscent of a moonlit night—the ideal companion for Cancer, whose star sign is linked with the moon. You don’t need a showy bottle, but rather one that suits your intuitive, calming, compassionate nature.

Beckridge in Copper


Leo, your zest for life, courage, and charisma are perfectly reflected in the color gold. A deeper version of your power color—like the stunning hue of our Copper Beckridge bottle—speaks even more to the strength of your character.

Ashbury in Canopy

Virgo: GREEN

Growth, prosperity, luck, and new life—they’re all aspects of the Virgo star sign, with ties to Mother Earth. Whether you’re making a fresh start or staying the course on your positive path, our Canopy bottle is a great companion for you, Virgo.

Libra: BLUE

Among the best at keeping calm in an often-chaotic world, Libra epitomizes the soothing color blue. Known for your balanced judgement, trustworthiness, and stability, we think our Pacific Ashbury bottle is the right fit for your peaceful nature.

Scorpio: BLACK

 Elegance, sophistication, and intrigue are all attributed to you, Scorpio. Your power color is black, symbolizing your natural authority and influence. An Onyx Beckridge bottle is the clear answer to match your mark-making style.

Sagittarius: PURPLE

Known for wisdom, imagination, and even mystical qualities, the Sagittarius sign is inexorably linked with purple. This dynamo in the color palette symbolizes both the drive and mystery that are intuitive to you. May we suggest a Lilac Ashbury bottle to hydrate your journey?

Capricorn: BROWN

 Earth-tones are your thing, Capricorn; especially browns, which traditionally stand for strength, smarts, and resilience. As an earth element, your power color also represents an aptitude for growth. There’s no better bottle than our Sandstone Beckridge bottle to keep by your side.


Aquarius: BLUE

You are the water bearer, Aquarius—and won’t that water look beautiful in a Deep Ocean bottle? As an intelligent, assertive, forward-thinking type, you’ll want to be well hydrated to stay happy, intellectually stimulated, and on top of your game.

Pisces: GREEN

Our Sage Ashbury bottle strikes exactly the right color chord with you, Pisces. As a water sign, you gravitate toward seafoam greens that reflect the energy of waves and your intuitive ability for empathy, rhythm, and harmony in life.


Don’t agree with the bottle color we matched to you? Find the one that suits your style among our many other options here.

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